Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day

By. Kevin Feagin

I first saw Deer Tick open for Deerhunter (no shit) at the Drunken Unicorn.  I thought they were fine, but not a band I would ever listen to again.  Over the next couple of years, they were brought up again and again by people I trust.  I was told this was a band I would be in to.  After hearing John McCauley on an awesome John Prine tribute record, I ended up giving both this record and “War Elephant” another try.  After a few listens, I loved both of them.  While I already have this in iTunes, I was super excited to open my package and find out that I’m now the proud owner of the vinyl.


I would definitely recommend this record to anyone who hasn’t heard it.  I suspect they are considered “Americana”, but they have more edge and grit than most of what’s out there.  The other big takeaway is that there really isn’t a bad song on the entire record.  That’s a rarity these days.  Check it out.


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