Greg Brown – “The Iowa Waltz”

By: Adam Blank

I received my April record today. I haven’t heard of this artist nor this album: Greg Brown, The Iowa Waltz. Although recorded in 1981, the opening track aptly titled The Iowa Waltz, delivers a sultry,  well-balanced Americana melody, with a studied and patient arrangement. Jumping across the album, each song has its own personality, but stays within that same classic singer-song writer mold. The second track, Mississippi Serenade, is a familiar tune, but after researching, and much to my surprise, it hasn’t been recorded by anyone else; it is a Greg Brown original.

And so my opinion of this record: soul-satisfying and above-average soundstage, even though it sounds like it was produced on a $300 budget in 1960.

I’m honestly not sure how the sender learned about this guy, but I’m glad I own this record. I’ll likely purchase another one of his records, especially now that I’ve read he produced an album titled Freak Flag, where the title-song ponders modern American values and when faced with inevitable doubts, Brown proclaims “let your freak flag fly.” Real shit.

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