Talk Talk, Laughing Stock 5\3\16

By: Will Sims

Let me start by saying that prior to this record showing up at my door, I didn’t know Talk Talk existed. I refrained from looking them up before listening and with zero expectations, I dropped the needle.

The album took me by surprise as I was expecting something at least slightly heavier. Instead I was taken on a dark melodic journey. On the first listen I heard various influences from an array of genres but didn’t quite feel like I got it. I pulled up the lyrics on my second listen and feel like I got a slightly clearer picture into the world of Talk Talk. Between reading lyrics and doing a little research on the album it began to come together for me.

This album is a cool journey into a dark, semi religious, improvisational mind fuck. I completely understand why this album has been so influential in the indie world. I’m listening to side one for the 4thtime as I type this and I’m hearing more each time. I personally love albums that I continue to get more from each time I sit down with it and Laughing Stock absolutely falls into this category. For me, the album requires focus and is definitely one of those albums you need to be in the mood for.

Overall, I love it and when that mood hits, it’s on my radar for sure. I totally get why this album has such a cult following and I can see myself getting closer to that bandwagon with every listen. I will definitely delve further into the world of Talk Talk. I have no doubt that it will take me to places I haven’t been before.

Thanks to whoever sent the album. It has definitely opened a door into a world I had yet to enter.


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